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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Oct 28, 2011 8:00am

A strange list I don't think any of these songs are bad in themselves . In fact some of these are major GD vehicles . I think the "300" times is where the problem is .
Even my least favorite on this list LLR, is not such a bad song in itself, but all those unfelt (as I have said before ) "bad Elvis" versions, with the "no more fucking rain', cheap, lowest common denominator , crowd baiting , that incidentally , goes contrary to the meaning of the song itself , and frankly lame .
Estimated, is one of those part of it is just wonderful, ( those jams that could come out of it !), but Bob's animal impersonation screeches get old .
Some of these just lost their um-mph with time ( OMSN, US Blues ).
As for Sugar Magnolia ...
Pick your Bob Weir end of concert song(s) you would like to hear .
1. The "Jimmy Buffet" version of Good Lovin" ( Pig rolling in grave )
2. The cool cat "Lovelites" ( Pig doing back flips in grave )
3. The gutless take on Chuck Berry's Around and Around, or JBG, or the tip of hat to Chuck, OMSN ( all of which were great early in their rotation ).
4. The long preachy Throwing Stones ( might not have been played 300 times , but sure felt like it ), with a limp dick NFA ( how the mighty have fallen ).
5. Sugar Magnolia , with a burning Jerry solo ...
So it may have been overplayed but ...
Grumpy Bobby bashing ends here .